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What Is a Porcelain Crown

Dental Crowns are a perfect way to reconstruct teeth which has been broken, decayed or weakened.

The crown is created in a manner to accommodate over the remaining part of the tooth, providing it the shape and the contour of a natural tooth and making it strong. Crowns and bridges are the most frequent restoration work in dentistry. The common types of dental crowns include zirconium crowns, full porcelain (jacket) crowns, porcelain fused to metal/gold crowns.

Why have Full Porcelain Crowns?

Full Porcelain Crowns are usually advised for restoration work of upper and/or lower front teeth as they are translucent and appear similar to your natural teeth. They are made of a ceramic called Porcelain.

From aesthetic point of view, Full Porcelain Crowns are considered the most beautiful crown and are superior to porcelain fused to metal crowns mainly because they are structured using full porcelain, thus offering a more natural appearance.

Types of All Ceramic/Full Porcelain Crowns

There are several types of these crowns and they are described here.

  • Feldspathic porcelain is the most traditional and is most beautiful type.
  • Procera crown has powdered ceramic in the interior and traditional porcelain on outer part. It is used for its extreme strength and can be cemented using an ordinary bridge cement and crown.
  • Lava crown has a translucent Zirconia on the inside which is shaded and ultimately looks appealing on the outside because of its baked layer.
  • Zirconia crowns look natural and do not expose a black line at the gum line like other types of crowns.
  • Empress crown appears like a glass and can be termed ceramic.
  • Emax crowns are gaining popularity nowadays.

Advantages of these Crowns

  • Porcelain crowns are translucent in color and often their color is persuaded by the tooth under them.
  • True to nature it is aesthetically appealing
  • It is highly biocompatible and cause minimal sensitivity
  • Compatible for patients who have lesser space inside their mouth and seek for that natural looking tooth
  • Correction and Alignment is possible
  • No allergic reactions. Best suitable for people who are allergic to metals.


  • Relatively costly
  • Complicated and time consuming Preparation
  • Less durable than other types and prone to cracking and chipping
  • Full porcelain crowns are not as strong as PFM crowns.

All porcelain crowns however demands great expertise for restoring the front tooth as it gets very challenging on part of dentist to create a desired aesthetic appeal.

What to Expect During Porcelain Crowns Procedure?

The fitting procedure of these crowns is same as that of any other crown. The tooth to be treated is prepared by cleaning and reshaping. The tooth is also a little narrow so that the crown can adequately accommodate on top of the treatment tooth.

An impression of the tooth is taken using dental putty. The mould is then delivered to the lab for fabrication of the new crown. In that interim, the patient is given a temporary crown fitted on the concerned tooth. A period of 1-20 days is needed for the crown to be prepared.

With the help of etching acid, the dentist roughs up the affected tooth’s surface. It enables the crown to hold on to the tooth.

With the help of dental cement, the crown is then firmly fixed. Initially after new porcelain crown take precautions of bumping into clenching or biting hard foodstuffs.

How much do Porcelain Crowns Cost?

Full porcelain crowns are costlier than metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns. The only element that compensate for their higher cost is their durability and natural look. It would cost 8-10k in India, while undertaking other factors.

Porcelain Crowns are presently a best innovative technique to cap off the broken tooth and improve your smile. However,whether you choose porcelain crowns or veneers to enhance your smile, the point of fact is that no one should know that you have had any work done, just that you have a naturally beautiful smile. Admirers should recognize only a minute alteration, something they can't point a finger at. Nonetheless, from a patient's viewpoint, it is both beneficial and essential to know what modern dentistry has to offer.

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