Sterilization & Decontamination

At Shine Dental Clinic, safety and security of patients has been a prime concern. With modern sterilization methods, the sterilization routine at Shine Dental Clinic maintains high standards of hygiene and maintenance. The team of surgeons and the medical staff are highly experienced professionals, and, over the years, they have mastered the sterilization techniques.

At Shine Dental Clinic, sterilization mostly deals with controlling and monitoring. Shine Dental Clinic provides the most advanced sterilization processes and upgraded disinfections, thereby catering to good health and hygiene of patients and their families. Well distinguished dentist, Dr. Vikrant Kundu gives personal attention to the clinic and is aware about all that’s happening inside. The eminent doctor takes complete responsibility of providing world-class care to the patients, who step into the clinic.

Common Sterilization Techniques used at Shine Dental Clinic

1. Disposable products like needles, masks, and gloves and used only once, for each patient and then disposed. Patients are also charged for such disposable supplies.

2. Clinical instruments are first washed in running warm water and then properly cleaned with disinfectants. By doing so, all debris and stains get removed from the medical instruments. After each use, the heat stable apparatus are sterilized in hot air oven, and packed in sterilization packets. Then, these apparatuses are thoroughly inspected, and if required, additional cleansing is done by hand.

3. Instruments packed in the sterilization packets are autoclaved by putting them in the UV chamber. It helps to maintain sterilization. Also, the pouches are only opened in front of patients, for use.

4. In order to give special attention to allergic patients, the clinic uses disposable instruments for them. The medical professionals also use disposable wipes to maintain good standards of health and hygiene.

5. On a regular basis, gloves are discarded after each patient’s visit. The surgeons and staff then wash their hands with a hand sanitizer, and wear new gloves for the next patient.

6. In order to control and prevent any kind of infection, the clinic is equipped with multiple sets of sterilized instruments which are kept for different patients.

7. Since the clinic is visited by a lot of walk-in patients, the medical staff keeps themselves prepared to face any kind of infection, be it the worst case.

8. Where most clinics have small rooms, without any specific area for sterilization; Shine Dental Clinic has a separate chamber that is dedicated to sterilization. The clinic also has a professionally trained assistant who looks after sterilization procedures.