Dr. Vikrant Kundu

BDS (Hons)
MDS ( Orthodontics )
CAIC ( Implantology Korea )
ADIC ( Implantology Israel )
CHIEF MENTOR, Mirell International

Braces / Orthodontics

With experienced Orthodontist at Shine Dental Clinic enjoy the best Orthodontic/Braces treatment in Dwarka, Delhi

We offer the latest in orthodontic/braces treatment in Dwarka, Delhi, including Invisible braces (Lingual braces), customized lingual brackets and wires (i-Braces), Invisalign®.

The word “Orthodontics” from two Greek words- “orthos”...

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Thinking of Dental Implants, consult Dr. Vikrant Kundu, an experienced Implantologist /Dental Implant specialist (C.A.I.C. from Korea) in Dwarka Delhi

From single implant to full mouth rehabilitation with best Implants in the world are offered. Implant with lifetime & international warrantee is also offered.

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Root Canal Treatment

RCT can save your teeth, consult now with Dr. Vikrant Kundu for Endodontist in Dwarka or RCT in Dwarka

An Endodontist is a specialized dentist with an expertise in protecting and maintaining teeth through the endodontic therapy. Endodontic therapy involves lots of procedures within the soft inner tissue of the teeth. These tissues are known as pulp. The word “endodontic” has been derived from two different Greek words...

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Crown &

Get your smile & confidence back with Dr. Vikrant Kundu (Implantologist - C.A.I.C. from Korea)

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps, which are placed over a particular tooth. Crowns help in covering the tooth for reinstating its shape and size; provide more strength, and enhance appearance.

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Experience counts when it comes to Dentures.

Shine Dental Clinic is known for the best dental treatment & when it comes to complex treatments like Dentures then Dr. Vikrant Kundu situated in Dwarka is the best choise

Dentures are removable frame or plate used for holding single or multiple artificial teeth. These are made of acrylic plastic, porcelain and metal materials. It can perfectly replace missing teeth as well as the tissues connected to those teeth. Dentures can be easily taken out and put back into place. Previously,

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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Shine Dental Clinic the team of specialists take care of different treatmets required to give perfect smile to our patients.

Who doesn't want a perfect smile? While few people have one naturally, almost anyone can get one with the help of their dentist. In addition to orthodontic treatment, which can straighten your teeth, recent advances in dental materials and techniques...

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Scaling & Gums Surgery

Gum Disease is a very serious dental problem and if not taken care off can lead to loss of teeth. At our Multispecialty Shine Dental Clinic (Dwarka) our specialist closely examine the dental problem caused due to Gum Disease and treat it accordingly.

Dentists recommend the procedure of deep cleaning of teeth,

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A simple way to add sparkle to your smile

Body art is increasing in popularity within a fashion industry. It includes tattooing, body piercings and oral jewellery, which consists of soft tissue piercings and/or objects attached to teeth.

TOOTH JEWELLERY is the latest thing to add a sparkle to your dazzling whites, you can now have a sparkling crystal glass design or something in gold or a twinkle of ruby or maybe an aquamarine blue diamond shining on your tooth.

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